The Family

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Daern's Jaernal Aentry

Word came down from the top, today- apparently one of the families more promising recon teams is being reassigned to investigate the old Minotaur ruins in Thunderspire- and I’m going with them! Needless to say, Marrak is involved up to his tiny, beady little eyes. Officially, the team needs a lock and trap man, and Merrick’s one of the best. Unofficially, I can’t help but notice that our reassignment just happens to coincide with Merroc’s acquisition of a few new treasures and the disappearance of that lousy little Gnome from House Fwiffenstein. That would also explain why the Family thinks he needed a bodyguard to get out there, methinks!

So we finally get to the staging point for the operation- Wintersomethingorother, and meet the crew. 2 of our Giant brothers, Kutok and Illikan, Gurdis the Godsman and Dayse, the….


....I’ve never really been sure exactly what Dayse is under all the fur and pointy ears. Elf? Tiefling? Halfling? Who can tell? Long as she’s family, though, that’s what matters.

So me and Merac met up with the team, and with little ado started into Thunderspire. Ugly place. Minotaurs may craft huge cities underground, but they don’t feel alive like our cities. The stone here has a withered, ruined feel. So we walk a ways, looking for our merchant contact for the delivery, when we run across a halfling who’s run afoul of some Hobgoblins. Mearick tried to talk them into selling us the halfling, but they were having none of it, and fine by me! Only good goblin is a dead one! So we slaughtered us some greenskins, and stripped them of their gear for resale, per family custom. We briefly considered shaking down the halfling, but he didn’t have anything of worth on him, and offered to guide us to town and provide free room and board and Ale.

The Ale was woefully inadequate, 2 pitchers of it didn’t even register a noticeable loss of sense to Marik. There’s never any true Family brewers around when you really need them. My uncle, Thaig Steelaxe, now there was a brewer. He could make a vat of ale that would send you into a ravening lunacy, only to awaken 3 days later wearing only a sock of unknown origin and the most marvelously exfoliatin’ layer of your own vomit. I remember it left my hands so soft, although it would take a year or two to really get my beard to start growing again.

SO after having a few tankards, we chatted up the innkeep Stellun(Why must Halfling names be so blasted tricky?)and learned a few facts about the town-

1) Its run by poofy mages 2) The Poofy Mages seem to work for/with(?) some hotshot local muscle named Brigun or something. 3) The town is not very popular. 4) The tavern is notvery popular with the town. 5) Our merchant contact is across the river on the east side of town. 6) Just past him is Braygun’s place. Braygun apparently expects a 5% tithe of loot from all salvage teams. 7) Breegan does not play nice.

A subtle enquiry on my part about any distinctive items of appreciable value Breegyn might own was met with advice not to cross him. We soon found out why!

SO we dropped off our package with the contact, a dagger of some very nice craftsmanship for non-dwarven make, and learned a little more. 2 interesting leads so far- a slave market the Hobgoblins run and an item that our merchant contact would very much like recovered from the Duergar Spit.

Next we made nice with the local law. By law I mean Breegon. The Ogre. Yes, Ogre. No drool, smarter than should be allowed, and weilding a large tree trunk. Smart Ogres! The brain reels.

After, we decided to do a little minor scouting towards the offal of the earth and see about recovering that doodad for our contact.Bonespur or something, I’m pretty sure Kutok wrote it down. We first offloaded the Hobgoblin gear at the local provisioner. I kept a flail. Can’t be too heavily armed!

FInally some action!

Not the lake part. That was dull. But after the lake part, we did find some ghosty spirit going on about its tomb. Per Family regulation we laid it to rest and took the key it had. It’s antique, could make a good addition to the trophy room back home, if this place turns out well enough. We proceeded on and located a very organized looking set o bastions along the cliff-faces of a ravine. No bottom I could see, have to be careful. We snuck close and managed to occupy the Orc defenders while Marikt picked the lock. Once inside, we easily cleaned up the survivors our artillery had left. Knocking things through thorns is fun!

Side note- I think Gurdis may still be angry with me for stealing his girl when we were in the seminary together. He seems friendly enough, but he “accidentally” set me beard on fire while we were trying to open the gate. Fortunately, Dayse was on top of things and quickly put out the blaze, although I think she may be a bit overzealous in extinguishing fires brrr

After, we looted the orcs for some saleable gear. A few spears, some low-grade armor and some decent crossbows. Kept one in case of ranged ambush.I think Merrik thinks I know he thinks I keep too many weapons. They’re so shiny and deadly, though. And they kill things so well! Then when you’re done with them you clean them, put them away, and they don’t hound you like people do until you can hear the voices all the time, day and night. They bring a little welcome quiet to our lives, one glorious kill at a time. I don’t have a problem, like Merrigk says. I just enjoy my work!

Marroc's Journal

I caught up with the team outside of Winterhaven. Per orders, I sent Vimak back and took his place. The family decided that these guys needed the skills of a mastertrapsmith. The big guy, Illikan quipped, “How can we trust you?” I offered to cut off his testicles to prove my worth…the matter was dropped.

First battle with Blood Reavers (hobgobs)

On the hallway down into the City of Seven Pillars we came upon a halfling being sold into slavery by some Hobgoblins. Can’t have that! 30 seconds later, I’d killed half of them myself without taking a scratch.Illikan didn’t object to that.

City of Seven Pillars

The halfling ran an inn, convenient! Big Ogre….yawn.

Second battle with wight and flying zombies?

Sneaking ahead I found some undead. The wight went down real quick and his zombie buddies didn’t prove to be much of a hindrance either. He mouthed something about treasure, but turned out to be a damn liar.

Underground pool under cistern

Went down another passage which doubled back often and dropped elevation. A ways in we came to a flooded cavern. The dwarves felt that this was quite possibly the underside of the sinkhole the river was flowing into from the City of Seven Pillars. ‘eh, either way, noone wanted to go swimming so we had to go back.

Third battle with Orcs in Fortress guarding bridge over cavern.

Down another side passageway. It led to an underground chasm. There was a bridge over it, but it was guarded on both sides by a small pillbox. This side was staffed by Orcs. The door was a hinged Portcullis with an Ortuscian style lock. My pick slipped on my first attempt, but soon after the thing popped open. We flooded thru and quickly overwhelmed the Orcs.

Kutok's Journal

After resting in Winterhaven for a few days while we re-equipped Vimak and Brand were suddenly recalled to other family business. We had to wait another day for the family to find replacements. The replacements are a lot … shorter than their originals.

Oddly, Brand’s replacement is a halfling who is very quick on his feet. Vimak’s replacement is a dwarf who is very sturdy on his feet. Our average height went down a few feet with that exchange.

We travelled to the North, finding the vail road through the Kell Vail and finally the minotaur gate. As we entered the minotaur’s domain we discovered that there were vermin crawling everywhere. Some of them were accosting a halfling at full volume. The hobgoblins and orcs were quickly dispatched with our halfling friend Merroc dancing nimbly amongst them, leaving a bloody trail.

The halfling, known as Rendel Halfmoon, was a denizen of our destination, and the proprietor of an inn. Since we were travelling that way and would soon be in need of an inn, we quickly negotiated rooms and ale for his life.

Rendel also knows of our contact—Gendar the drow and collector of curiousities and relics. Rendel also warned us of Brug, the ogre who runs he customs house. The custom’s house of the Hall of Seven Pillars (more of a city than a mere “hall”) is where we learned that Brug expects a 5% fee on all adventuring “goods” discovered in the labyrinth. Dreskin runs the general goods store and was able to help us resupply some of our depleted rations.

Brug also let us in that Paldimar was once one of his mages, but who hasn’t checked in for a while. The brute suggested we could, if we found him, bring him back to talk to Brug who would likely be convincing Paldimar not to work for the other side.

The Mages of Sauroon are the governors of the Hall of Seven Pillars, they run a tight ship. However they have some trouble on their doorstep in the form of the hobgoblins which claim to be of a clan called the Blood Reavers who have residence in a nearby chamber (the chamber of eyes, past the dragon door). The hobgoblins, among other unsavory things, traffic in slaves.

Duergar and the Horned Hold stole a trinket from our contact (Gendar), there’s a reward if we find and return his Bone Scepter from the Bone Chamber. Duergar are seen frequently on the Road of Shadows, which is just south of the Hall of Seven Pillars.

We set out, encountering a dead end at a large lake where we had to turn back lest we get our feet (and everything else) wet. We’ll have to come back with boats.

A necromancer was bringing out some zombies at one point, but Kord’s light made quick work of them.

Next we found our way blocked by a guarded station, Merroc popped the lock while we poked the orcs manning the station through the bars. Eventually we were able to roust the orcs completely, and the door they guarded now stands before us.

Kutok's Journal

We traveled along the Road of Shadows, eventually coming to the iron portcullis guarded by the orcs I last wrote about. The door that we gained access to behind the portcullis opened into a warren of barracks, dining halls, and storage rooms.

A host of duergar and orcs attempted to impede our progress—the anvil master equally deriding them and urging them to kill us. They were no match for our surface weapons.

In an occupied dining hall we met a strange foe, a dwarf who grew four sizes when he was bloodied in battle. Fortunately the fact they were bloodied already meant they didn’t get to swing their oversized hammers, Merroc is good that way.

The duergar had taken hostages from a nearby town called Fall Crest, about a half day to the west of Thunderspire. We agreed to let the hostages stick with us for their safety, and Merroc said we would probably get better prices for our loot if we took it to Fall Crest to sell it.

So away we went. We’ll be back tomorrow, the only reason we are leaving is that all this stuff is heavy!

Journal The Seconde

Ach, So we managed to off the nasty Duergar and Greenskins, and recovered a pair o’ fine gauntlets of Dwarven make, along with the Bone Scepter we’d been sent to retrieve. We loaded up our new humans with cheese and headed back to the village. We sold off the goods and turned in the scepter, where we met this crazy dragon lady. SHe had some good ideas about Duergar, although she was a bit soft, and then some strange ideas about hatin’ Drow! If thear’s one thing I cannae tolerate, its people that are nae understandin’ of other people’s cultures. And Duergar. I hate them so.

SO after paid the tax, we celebrated and rested the night, perhaps a bit too much as we could nae locate our Holy man, Gurdis, and the mysterious Dayze. Personally, I think Gurdis may have gotten some of that giant beaver he was droolin’ over…HA!

So, figurin’ we dinnae need their help anyway, we set off to finish clearin’ out the fortress. I looks like someone’s been here and setup some barricades, but that didn’t slow us down much. The walkin’ and writin’ was actually sorta soothin’, until we got to this blasted bridge with the sturdiest wooden door I’ve ever seen! We chopped and bashed at it for ages, while these somethin’s was shootin’ at us, and finally we got it open. Very strangely, Merrigc was busy holdin’ off 4 or 5 of the foulest Duergar imaginable. I had to save my charge, o’ course, so I charged right into the thick of it, where they proceeded to kick my arse sideways. It’s been kinda hard to write during tha fightin’, they keep choppin’ at me and tossin me here and thar. This big one, especially, with his evil Duergar magicks, I wanted to chop him, but we’re in bad need of a retreat. But I see ma friends, they’ve made it, now I only got to get away from Rotty and Sneezy and Doc here and I’ll be home fr….urk

Kutok's Journal

Ilikan, Merroc, Daern and I went back to the Hall of Seven Pillars and discussed things over a few pints. Merroc was distracted, having had the humans we rescued from the Duergar carry back as much cheese as they could Merroc was building a nest out of the stuff. I had thought of cheese as a food until now…. now I’m not sure I could eat any if I were starving to death.

We paid Brugg’s taxes, and collected our rewards for accomplishing the retrieval of the Bone Scepter for Gendar the Drow. Meanwhile we also discovered the Cold Gem company bought goods and treasures, and even better he looked unfavorably upon our other general goods proprietor in town, and was willing to pay 5% more for items we retreived from our adventures. This was good news, so we decided we liked the old dwarf who ran the place.

In the morning, we decided to head back down the Shadow Road to the Horned Hold to find out what more it had in store for us.

The fortification we had infiltrated the day before was just exactly how we had left it (so Ilikan took day-old Duergar ears as trophies, saying he would make a necklace). We found that two of the exits out of the back of the place went across the chasm on bridges to another fortification, so we hopped over to see who was home across the street.

A bunch of bastards, that’s who was home.

They kept the door barred, shooting at us through slits while we (Daern and Ilikan mostly) banged on the door to see if they could somehow convince them to open it by knocking louder. Ilikan got bored of that and started sticking the overcompensator through the slits, managing to take out one or more of the archers. I threw a spiritual mace through and bashed on them from the other side. Meanwhile Daern upped his efforts to knock as loud as possible.

Suddenly there was no resistance to our banging on the door. It took several more seconds to finally bash the door in, after realizing that the hole Ilikan had widened in the door just wasn’t going to let us reach through to open it from the inside. We burst through to find… Merroc? He’d somehow gotten in through another direction— apparently through the roof since last I’d seen him he was clinging to the wall above the door ready to pounce on anything below. He was in a bit of a pickle, holding onto the ceiling for dear life while several casters below pelted him with spells, seeking to dislodge him. I threw a couple heals on him just as Daern got the door fully open and we stepped into—OH. MY. GOD!

These Duergar were nasty… several had some kind of spell that blinded and dazed us, making it nigh impossible to fight or retreat (hence Merroc’s state when we found him). Meanwhile several others were weaving some kind of electric lasso with their weapons and pulling us back if we even tried to disengage momentarily.

We took one or two down, but there were just too many of them, and Merroc and Ilikan tried to run, but Daern got trapped. I continued to pelt them with the spiritual mace, and Merroc returned briefly to “make a whole” right through one of them, hoping that Daern would get the clue and run for it.

Daern never had a chance. They subdued him, shut the doors on us, and when I continued to harass them with the spiritual mace, they shut the inner doors dragging Daern deeper into their fortress. With most of us severely hurt and Kord not affording us any more healing right away, the three survivors escaped.

We will return to rescue Daern or to learn of his fate and avenge it.

Marroc's Journal #2

My friend is gone.

Daern Steelaxe and I have been traveling together for years. My older sister married his brother and we became part of the Kaden-Hammer family. Soon thereafter we became friends and started doing jobs together. His axe and my daggers worked well, ya know?

I hope he’s alive.

How did this come to pass? We ventured back to the Duegar fortress. The parts we had cleaned out were still empty. Going over one of the bridges we encountered stiff resistance at the other side. The gatehouse appeared well manned and Daern couldn’t get through the door.

It’s my fault.

I had no patience, I couldn’t wait. Duergar were shooting arrows at me from behind the doors and I couldn’t do anything against him. It was very frustrating. I went up the wall and found another way in by jumping back down to a lower side platform. I didn’t hit my tumble quite right and tweaked my ankle upon landing. No big deal. I guestimated the best way back to the front door. Pretty soon I could hear Daern banging against the door. I spotted two guards, but the barred door was within reach! I ran towards the door.

I should have been more cautious.

I hadn’t noticed the other Duergar around the corner. They had no trouble picking me out and lighting me up. My vision dimmed and I spun around, groping for anything. Enemies were all around. Finding a wall I climbed up as far as I could, hoping for the relative safely.

It should have been me.

At that point, Daern finally breached the door. That big doof, Illikan had been no help whatsoever. Kutok healed me up just before the duergar spell barrage cut lose again. I dropped like a rock, stunned and prone on the ground.Daern quickly strode forward to stand beside me, like he had done so many times before. I couldn’t get my bearings, continually under mental assault.Daern was being hit as well. Illikan couldn’t do much. Kutok kept pegging folks with his spiritual hammer, but it was too little. We reached agreement about retreating. I moved first, out onto the bridge, next to Kutok. The Duergar then closed ranks, before Daern and Illikan could get out!

I had to try.

Reversing course I went back in and killed the Duergar blocking the exit. I then jumped back out. Illikan then ran faster than my brother Hairy when my mother would ring the bell for second breakfast! He was back across the bridge before I could act.

I was distracted.

When I turned back, the door was barred again and Kutok told me that Daern had been dropped. He and I tried using our ranged weaponry to pester the Duergar. This annoyed them greatly and they dragged Daern’s body back deeper into their fortress.

They were too strong.

Kutok and I had to rest, slap on a few bandages and then get right back in there to rescue Daern. Illikan, henceforth known as the coward, was gone though. I guess once he starts running, he doesn’t give a lick about anything except his own skin. I’m highly excited to continue adventuring with him. I found out later that he hadn’t stopped running until he got back to his room at the inn and had his bedsheets over his eyes!

My beer didn’t taste that good tonight.

Kutok's Journal

Daern arrived back at the Inn in the middle of the night, disheveled and wearing something that may have once been his grandmother dwarf’s best christmas doily, but spouting a tale about how he replaced the door on the tower as part of the slave detail, then slipped away (not quietly).

We venture back to admire his handiwork, and to see if we could loot the new +1 battleaxe and +1 dwarven scale armor that the duergar have somehow acquired.

We came in the other door, which was a good thing, because we caught them all standing at attention watching the main door. After a gruelling fight in which Dayze keeps the opponents separated by a wall of thorns, we manage to subdue the four orcs, five duergar, and an ogre. Yes, the door looks nice Daern.

We quickly make our way to where the slaves are supposedly held, but a shiny door distracts Marroc so we instead run into the leader of the place and his bodyguard. We were on the ropes but it just looks like the tides of the battle were turning when we barely discerned Murbleroy smiling… visions of “i’m not left-handed either” rumbled through my mind unbidden while one of the duergar opened a secret panel behind the fireplace and called for reinforcements.

In hindsight, that would have been a good time to run.

We manage to take out a few more of the bodyguards in the sparse seconds it takes for reinforcements to arrive from the next room, including both of the duergar pinatas (the ones that get real big right before you kill them).

But then the swordmages are upon us. They ginsu Illikan so he runs, meanwhile Daern is being pummeled in the corner and I can tell he’s hurt bad but I can’t see him. I have to move closer to get to where Kord’s Light will help him…

And that’s WAY too close to the swordmages. After I patch Daern, the three swordmages all pull me with some kind of electric bugaboo lasso and I go flying into the room they were coming out of. And that’s the last I remember because I was unconscious before I hit the ground.

Kutok's Journal

After intensive negotiation with Murkleroy of the Grimmerzul I won our freedom from the Duergar with a promise to send trade negotiators from the Family. Unfortunately he wanted to keep Daern as collateral for my return.

Reunited with my brothers and sister, we headed off to find the Hall of Eyes and discover what was going on with the slave trade that was highly unpopular.

We first encountered some Duergar who took my suggestion to check in with Murkleroy before continuing to attack us.

Next we fought some Hobgoblins and their pets. The hobgoblins weren’t willing to quit the attack when asked, so we had to send their unfortunate souls to Kord.

We found a few slaves, but it seems like they had recently delivered their goods to customers so the majority of the slave chains were empty.

We returned to the hall of seven pillars to regroup on how to find Paldimar the rogue wizard who Brugg wants… Alive…


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