Kutok Kaden-Hammer

Level 18 Goliath Vampire


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Kutok was born to a merchant prince of the Kaden-Hammer family. He disappointed his father by choosing to follow his heart to Kord’s ranks and becoming a cleric. The family was not done with him, however, and he has become sometime merchant, sometime messenger, sometime assassin, and sometime explorer. Kutok’s fair and balanced approach, with the might of Kord backing his words, he’s a fair diplomat and has arranged several deals that continue to be very profitable for the family.

investigate the ghost of Lady Sarahel in the Spellguard ruins and run out the kobolds.
Establish Trade relations with the city of seven pillars (and the hobgoblin clan nearby)
Save the city of Argent from the combined might of the Giant nations
Investigate the valley of bones in the feywild
Saved Breelton from certain destruction
Repaired relations between the three city-states over a diplomatic strife (and banished a changeling imposter).
Became the Hero of Argent

Set out to investigate the pieces of the divine engine, a device that was designed by Erathis, constructed by Moradin, used to imprison the primordial Piranoth, and then sundered by Kord and the pieces hidden throughout the world. One piece used to be in the vault at Argent, one is held by the Djinn Kaseem, one is in the mayor’s home in Breelton, one at Frost Spire Island, and two are already with the fire giants at Flamefall Tower.

While on the Frost spire, a archon sorceress named Zalex trapped Kutok in ice. As the cold seemed to overcome his senses the ancient mask of Aarcharazilax offered Kutok a way to survive, but only if he became a Vampire. Kutok asked for Kord’s guidance and Kord’s aspect touched the holy symbol Kutok wore for so long, enchanting it with Kord’s power in battle and healing. Kutok, now a vampire of Kord, continues to travel with his cousin Illikan and other companions to find the pieces of the Divine Engine before the fire giants do.

Kutok Kaden-Hammer

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