Ilikan Kaden


Ilikan is a low level member of the Kaden-Hammer enforcement arm and he’s looking for a way up. After acquiring a tower for the Family, he has been assigned a new drill sergeant primal that is now making Ilikan schizophrenic. Ilikan used to let the primals take over during combat, but the Sergeant is making Ilikan join the fray mentally as well as physically. The sergeant has started invading Ilikan’s dreams, and is trying to worm his way into the Goliath’s consciousness. It’s a toss up whether Ilikan becomes a great fighting barbarian or an insane one. Luckily, there’s not that much difference between the two for barbarians.

A new primal has recently joined the Sergeant in Ilikan’s rages. This primal, lets call him hotfix, is a Kensai sword master that emphasizes speed over brawn. Now both primals are trying to force discipline on him with verying degrees of success…

Words of Wisdom: Beware of cheese that smells of halflings. You never know what body parts they’re putting in the holes.

Ilikan Kaden

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