The Family

Marroc's Journal #4

Fun Fun Fun….

Down another way, into a well of evil. Surrounded by ceiling hugging tentacle beasts we fought and killed them. Well, except for Burke… He seemed to like wrapping them around his neck. There was a huge one in the center of the room, but I liked him best. He kept some gold in a pit for me. Best of all Dayse tried to emulate my gracefullness and jumped down the pit. Poor thing sprained her ankle something fierce!

Some sort of rip in the fabric of the world was in the room which made some folks quesy. Not me, of course. I’m too smart for such things. :)

We took a hard left out of the room and ran in to some dogfaces and their hyena pets. I tossed a couple daggers while Burke did some mating dance and all the hyenas came running. Gurdis killed them all, well, except Burke. Holy hells! Remind me not to bring the whole family if Gurdis needs to die, he gets more powerful the more foes he is facing.

There were a lot of gnolls and it took a while, but I don’t think we were ever in trouble. The most fun was finding some dinner. Unfortunately Dayse decided to mate with the huge boar instead of carving me out a stake!!

That’s seriously uncool. Pork goes with cheese oh so well. I’ll bet I could find some spices and make some killer sausage. Mmmm….I think I skipped elevensies. DAMN

After that, some imp appeared and tried to tell me something about some pit of sin. I asked for a little clarification and he blew me off. All he wanted was a piece of my soul! Burke got offended and tried to kill the little blighter. Whatever.

Dayse wants to take the boar back. And I don’t think she is intending to take it to market. She is one weird chick. Good thing she doesn’t have hairy feet.


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