The Family

Marroc's Journal #3

We hobnobbed around town. Found a couple merchants and a lowlife bar. Might have to check that place out further later :)

At some point the coward mentioned that some tiefling passed him a note. It said that his goals coincided with ours and that he wanted to meet us outside of town. That can’t end poorly can it?

Oh look, an ambush, by tieflings. How original… I’m going to enjoy poking holes in their corpses. There were two of them in a large room with a 10 foot high ledge running around the outside. Some largish boulders were scattered around the middle of the room. I hopped up on a ledge away from the tieflings to trade shots with ‘em.

Holy Hells! What is that? Some ginormous bronze construct was “hiding” behind a boulder. I tossed my dagger at him. It didn’t have the impact I would have liked. His hide was abnormally tough. The rest moved into the room and the critter rolled one of the boulders on top of them! Ok, that was kind of humorous. Illikan the coward and I flanked the large beastie and started whittling him down. The tieflings kept tossing fire at us which kind of hurt.

Eventually the bronze warder was brought down, and the tieflings followed soon thereafter. They didn’t have much treasure, but they did part with a couple scrolls that others found interesting.


biliruben havoclad

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