The Family

Marroc's Journal

I caught up with the team outside of Winterhaven. Per orders, I sent Vimak back and took his place. The family decided that these guys needed the skills of a mastertrapsmith. The big guy, Illikan quipped, “How can we trust you?” I offered to cut off his testicles to prove my worth…the matter was dropped.

First battle with Blood Reavers (hobgobs)

On the hallway down into the City of Seven Pillars we came upon a halfling being sold into slavery by some Hobgoblins. Can’t have that! 30 seconds later, I’d killed half of them myself without taking a scratch.Illikan didn’t object to that.

City of Seven Pillars

The halfling ran an inn, convenient! Big Ogre….yawn.

Second battle with wight and flying zombies?

Sneaking ahead I found some undead. The wight went down real quick and his zombie buddies didn’t prove to be much of a hindrance either. He mouthed something about treasure, but turned out to be a damn liar.

Underground pool under cistern

Went down another passage which doubled back often and dropped elevation. A ways in we came to a flooded cavern. The dwarves felt that this was quite possibly the underside of the sinkhole the river was flowing into from the City of Seven Pillars. ‘eh, either way, noone wanted to go swimming so we had to go back.

Third battle with Orcs in Fortress guarding bridge over cavern.

Down another side passageway. It led to an underground chasm. There was a bridge over it, but it was guarded on both sides by a small pillbox. This side was staffed by Orcs. The door was a hinged Portcullis with an Ortuscian style lock. My pick slipped on my first attempt, but soon after the thing popped open. We flooded thru and quickly overwhelmed the Orcs.


biliruben havoclad

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