The Family

Kutok's Journal

After discussing briefly the events the Tieflings have set in motion and the interesting notes they left behind, we return to the Seven Pillared Hall to retrieve our friends who were most distressed to find out we were “getting up” this morning, much less “going out”.

We head off to follow the leads in the notes to find the lair of the “blackfang”. Upon arriving at what appeared to be our destination we find some burrowing, climbing, tentacly things are blocking the way. After a brief encouragement from some disembodied voice which we still haven’t discovered, we attempt to make our way past the tentacles, but the scene rapidly devolves into bad hentai.

The pally charges in past three of the things and we hear a faint “erk, there’s another one back here” before he disappears behind an impenatrable wall of tentacles it takes us a few minutes to get through. Once we do make it through the palidin is blue in the face being choked by one of them, and it takes both the druid and me to pull him free so that Illikan and Merroc can ginsu the remaining tentacles.

As we let the pally catch his breath an interdimensional rift to the plane of the abyss opens right in the middle of the room. It’s downright maddening, and it’s all we can do to get out of there before the fiends find their way through to eat our souls. We finish resting a good bit down the corridor, discussing the merits of whether Merroc should or should not have jumped through the rift.

After recovering, we proceed and Merroc and Dayze investigate the pit the tentacles apparently were using as a toilet (discovered deftly by Dayze when she forgot to hold onto the rope on the way down). The fiends had left a good amount of gold in their latrine, I guess when you don’t spend it anyplace is as good as another to keep it.

We look around and there are two hallways leaving this area. The first, shorter, one ends in a door that we must peek through. On the other side is a long hallway with some gnolls dining and a few hyenas playing with their trainer. The pally is glowing again by now (he’s kinda like a lightning bug, he glows some of the time anyway, but when he’s excited you could get a tan in his photonic expulsion) so there’s nothing left to do but barge right in.

The hyenas have a neat trick where they gather up for Gurdis to invoke the crap right out of them, so the encounter is relatively short. The trainer decides to take pot-shots at us from around a far corner, so we have to go get him, and when we do he’s got 6 or so buddies all with bows aimed at the door.

We find they’ve been torturing a boar in their spare time, they have him tied to the ground in a cage and they’ve been using him for target practice. After the archers and their pets (more hyenas that gathered around for pincushioning) were dispatched with, Dayze and I calmed the boar by feeding him gnoll torturers. Dayze gets a little… friendly… with the boar and goes off for some “quality” time with it. We knew she was a strange elf, but this was just sick. Kord does NOT approve.


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