The Family

Kutok's Journal

After intensive negotiation with Murkleroy of the Grimmerzul I won our freedom from the Duergar with a promise to send trade negotiators from the Family. Unfortunately he wanted to keep Daern as collateral for my return.

Reunited with my brothers and sister, we headed off to find the Hall of Eyes and discover what was going on with the slave trade that was highly unpopular.

We first encountered some Duergar who took my suggestion to check in with Murkleroy before continuing to attack us.

Next we fought some Hobgoblins and their pets. The hobgoblins weren’t willing to quit the attack when asked, so we had to send their unfortunate souls to Kord.

We found a few slaves, but it seems like they had recently delivered their goods to customers so the majority of the slave chains were empty.

We returned to the hall of seven pillars to regroup on how to find Paldimar the rogue wizard who Brugg wants… Alive…


biliruben MrIce

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