The Family

Kutok's Journal

Daern arrived back at the Inn in the middle of the night, disheveled and wearing something that may have once been his grandmother dwarf’s best christmas doily, but spouting a tale about how he replaced the door on the tower as part of the slave detail, then slipped away (not quietly).

We venture back to admire his handiwork, and to see if we could loot the new +1 battleaxe and +1 dwarven scale armor that the duergar have somehow acquired.

We came in the other door, which was a good thing, because we caught them all standing at attention watching the main door. After a gruelling fight in which Dayze keeps the opponents separated by a wall of thorns, we manage to subdue the four orcs, five duergar, and an ogre. Yes, the door looks nice Daern.

We quickly make our way to where the slaves are supposedly held, but a shiny door distracts Marroc so we instead run into the leader of the place and his bodyguard. We were on the ropes but it just looks like the tides of the battle were turning when we barely discerned Murbleroy smiling… visions of “i’m not left-handed either” rumbled through my mind unbidden while one of the duergar opened a secret panel behind the fireplace and called for reinforcements.

In hindsight, that would have been a good time to run.

We manage to take out a few more of the bodyguards in the sparse seconds it takes for reinforcements to arrive from the next room, including both of the duergar pinatas (the ones that get real big right before you kill them).

But then the swordmages are upon us. They ginsu Illikan so he runs, meanwhile Daern is being pummeled in the corner and I can tell he’s hurt bad but I can’t see him. I have to move closer to get to where Kord’s Light will help him…

And that’s WAY too close to the swordmages. After I patch Daern, the three swordmages all pull me with some kind of electric bugaboo lasso and I go flying into the room they were coming out of. And that’s the last I remember because I was unconscious before I hit the ground.


“I’m not left handed either”

Nice :)

Kutok's Journal
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