The Family

Kutok's Journal

While Obinar creates more sky metal implements, we seek to research information about the divine engine.

First, though we need to help a local township who are about to be overrun by giants. We get to the three corners where Dwarf, Goblin, and Human villages coexist with a treaty that has been in existence for over fifty years. We find the treaty sorely tested by the Human leader, who has insulted the dwarves and broken several important traditions including the sharing of food at an annual gathering and fishing tournament. To save the three corners, we need to find a way to reunite them. The human leader, Mistress Sala, has been of a separate mind in the past few months. When we gain audience, her motions are stilted, her hands blue. Balasar realizes at once she is a doppleganger, so we unseat her by unseating her head. The Mistress’ counselor admits she was unsure of the changes in her mistress. With her out of the way, the three corners are able to make reparations and begin for their mutual defense.

The divine engine was designed by Arathis and Torag, and Moradin constructed it and gave it form and substance. It was called Piernoth’s Bane, an artifact of godlike power and was used to banish the primordial Piernoth for all eternity.

Once Piernoth was banished, there was no longer need for the divine engine, and to keep it from being used to free Piernoth, Kord shattered it into 5 pieces which went to different places in the multiverse.

One such piece was found by Decon who gave it to a guardian of argent. It was stored in the vault at Argent. Until it was stolen recently.

The Astral Giants keep track of the pieces of the divine engine. Their temple of learning, the Temple Incohate, houses the foremost authority on the engine. The M* of Moradin know the ritual to restore the engine. The missing piece is a grave concern. Piernoth can be freed with only 3 of the 5 parts, though he would appear in a diminished capacity.

We are to find the Astral Giants and convince them to aid us in this mission. Brethan Fauss is also looking for parts. The Githyankee Pirates know how to get everywhere on the astral sea, they would know how to get to the Astral Giants.

The githyankees are shrewd bargainers, but we managed to get one way passage to the Temple Incohate for a mere 5000 gold.

Once there the giants greet us after a few words with Belvedere. I’m not sure what he said, but they got very angry and would keep pushing us out into the astral sea. The pushing was very hurtful, so we were forced to retaliate. At the top of the giant stairs, we meet with more resistance, but upon gaining entrance to the temple proper, we ask to speak to Zanashoe,

It turns out Zanashoe may already be gone, she is in the company of a Drider, and somehow she wears a modified holy symbol of arathis (it is missing a gear and star of the traditional 6).

Turns out dopplegangers aren’t all that accurate in their mimicry.


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