The Family

Kutok's Journal

After breaking the siege of the giants on Argent, we were sent in search of some “sky metal”. It turns out the metal is hidden in the distant past. Obinar, the sentinel of Argent, agrees to send us to the past with an orb that will guide us to the sky metal. The sky metal is scattered through the tower of Baletarath, the home of the architect of the Tomb of Horrors – Azerack himself.

Obinar’s spell sends us to a hallway just outside the wizards library. The statuary is some kind of trap (and there’s an actual trap that lightning stalls Belvedere’s Pegasus). We gather our forces together to defeat the gargoyles and make our way into the wizards library.

His undead are no match for Kord’s brilliant power, so we recover the first of the sky metal.

We gather two more pieces of sky metal making our way up to the top of the tower. There we find Azaerack himself, working on a machine with pieces of skymetal made into the machine itself. Azerack’s tower nearly defeats illikan when one of Azerak’s minions throws him from the top. The rest of us are hard pressed but eventually win out over Azerack, and we manage to free the sky metal and activate the orb’s ritual before any more of Azerack’s surprises find us.

Back in Present-day Argent, Obinar takes the sky metal and begins to make the implements of the champions of Argent.

Meanwhile, my mask is over-gleeful that I was there when the Lich Azerack was created.


biliruben MrIce

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