The Family

Kutok's Journal

After returning to Moonstair from releasing the garden of graves in the feywild from it’s dire plight, moonstair is a changed city. The fey creatures that were running away from the blight are no longer harassing the city, and the trolls from trollhaunt are no longer raiding. We receive a heroes welcome from the city.

Andacanaver has the idea to get my brother of Kord in Moonstair, Ralph, to throw a party in honor of Kord. We help, as the “heroes of mooonstair” should be at any party in Moonstair, and the party is a rousing success. I give a hearty speech which is well received by all that were not too drunk to pay attention, which I admit was most of them, but I think I got through to one old lady in the corner. I should have a talk with Ralph to make sure my speech is on the leading edge of the libations next time.

We return home to our tower to find it well cared for and the monks nearby still producing excellent beer (we should send the men around for more, I think Illikan drank all we had).

A strange messenger appears at the door saying that the sorcerers from the 7 pillar hall need our help against the drow. We have him cool his heels with the dregs of the monk’s beer (still good!), and contact the family through our communication rings. The family has trade relations with the drow and the 7 pillar hall agreements seem to be secondary. The family leaves the decision to intervene up to us, but we think we’d rather study this shiny map we found and stashed away, so we send the messenger home empty handed.

The map tells of a fabled city called Argent and the tales abound of it’s wealth and adventure. We set out in a few days with our new mounts and follow the maps lead. After a few days we come across a strange noise coming from the other side of a ridge just ahead. We scale the ridge and find a Tauren being besieged by many firey creatures. We decided to intervene.

Helping the Tauren involved nothing more than bulking defenses against fire, standing still while they pummeled us from range (due to their sticky fire pinning us in place), and making sure someone was close enough to pummel back. Once we defeated the knight in bronze, firey armor, the other creatures (summoned, perhaps) disappeared, but left their stone golem friends to finish the fight. Not restrained anymore, the golems were finished quickly, and healing was shared around including our new friend.

Rarthar of Argent shares his tale that the city needs help, and he has some slightly singed notes to prove he has been sent forth to find adventurers to come and assist the city. They are signed Obinar, Champion of Argent. Rarthar performs a ritual to open a portal to Argent and we pass through into a courtyard with a reflecting pool. A wizened old man greets us as Obinar, and asks if we would help to follow Rarthar into the city to defend it, whilst he finds a way to restore the cities outer wards from the great tower.

We quickly find a bunch of troublemakers in the city, a hill giant is standing by a pulsing portal in the sky. The hill giant barely has time to yell something incomprehensible before some magma golems join him for some fun. We were then besieged by some magma shards, annoying minions which ran around us in circles, sometimes knocking us down and generally creating their own brand of chaos. Eventually we vanquished all our foes, and moved with Rarthar to rejoin obinar and seek his progress on the city wards.


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