The Family

Kutok's Journal

The next morning, I’m rudely awakened by the sound of battle from outside the Inn. Bulwark is already up, as usual, and I run outside pulling on the last of my armor just as he punches a d’orc in the face. Looking around the entire Ho7P is in chaos, there are dozens of bronze warders wreaking havoc and destruction, backed up by some of the warped clerics of vecna.

We quickly assess that Paldimar has somehow crafted this assault, so we arrange with Brugg that we’ll go after the source as he tries to contain the damage here. We rush to the tower to find that it’s mostly empty. But the strange construct machine that Gurdis found yesterday appears to be doing something… oh, no, my mistake, it’s broken.

Upstairs in the cess pit of vecna those monks and hurlers and axe guys are still there, the statue is as annoying as ever, and yep, the door opens so that the bronze warder is flanking us again.

This time Paldimar is right_there... ungh, can’t quite reach him as the bronze warder has all but gotten stuck in the doorway. I stand where the warder can’t reach the rest of our casters, but he just pushes me through the teleportal. I should have remembered Bulwark’s experiments with the warders and the teleportals, because I find myself crawling back through a few seconds later to see Illikan looking around desperately for me.

Kanaibi and Sugar are taking shots through both doorways, and even Bulwark is moving back to take up a stance in front of the warder. That works, so Kanaibi shuts the front door and we concentrate on Paldimar and the warder in the side room.

Unexpectedly, the bad guys all line up behind Paldimar so we only have one front to deal with, and the battle starts to turn. Bulwark pushes through to Paldimar (ooh, the mage really doesn’t like that), and the others from the main temple try to come to Paldimar’s side.

I throw a heal on Bulwark when he needs it, and then I open the door into the temple again. Bulwark has pushed the battle all the way into that room, and we’re now able to attack on two flanks. Sugar keeps the bronze warder stuck to the floor in the next room with some trick of hers, so we are able to concentrate on taking out Paldimar and then the others.

Victorious, we return to the Hall of Seven Pillars to find the battle winding down and Brugg is apprehensively appreciative of our success. There’s also a note from the Family that Grimmerzhul negotiations are completed and that we’ll get details later. We were about to enjoy a pint when Murkleroy decides to announce his candidacy for governor of Ho7P by killing all the denizens. He asks where we stand and Brugg seems to be getting a little antsy. Well, we aren’t going to be standing with the double crossing duergar, so we happily engage. Murkleroy takes the brunt of our first surge and he goes down seconds later. His friends, not to be deterred, decide to keep fighting but we manage to pound them into submission.

Once it is all clear Bundt from the family finds us in the Inn and announces our elevation to Agent status with the Family and that we are to kill the Grimmerzhul. “Done!”


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