The Family

Kutok's Journal

We step on the teleportal that the d’orcs were coming through and find ourselves in a strangly twisting hallway. There are rooms to either side, one of which contains a strange set of devices which Gurdis says likely control the bronze warders. We have unfriendlies in the next room, and at the end of the corridor another teleportal.

That teleportal takes us to a room with three doors. One door is obviously the way so Bulwark opens that onto a temple of Vecna. A couple of casters, shieldy guys, and throwers are standing in the way of our loot. A statue of vecna near the door prevents Bulwark and Illikan from moving very much which is a problem when a bronze warder opens one of the other doors and starts wailing on Gurdis and me. Just then Palidorc shows up and starts in with the lightning. We’re all pretty much beat down at this point so we make a hasty retreat through the teleportal.

At least we know where Palidorc was, but he’ll have a whole day to respond as we must go back to the Hall and heal up.


biliruben MrIce

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