The Family

Kutok's Journal

I have misgivings about this new direction we’ve taken. Running headlong into the wildlands beyond the portal in search of Var and his thrice damned eye-phylactery.

I was not wrong, either, when our path abruptly ended in a gorge. A trail alongside it took us to an odd (for our mortal world, perhaps not for here) geologic structure, where the chasm ended and a mountain rose, nearly the same dimensions as the chasm, but up instead of down. It was as if a large slice of stone was carved out of the ground and laid beside the hole it recently occupied, aligned with it. Only in the tanglewild.

Andacanaver spied some statues a small ways off, but they did not respond when he axed them politely which way to go. We walked around and found ourselves in a mirror room. Not that there were reflective surfaces, mind you, but rather that all surfaces were reflections of the ones in the Throne room under the ruins, on the other side of the portal. Just that this side was covered in mosses, ferns, and all sorts of other growing bits where the other side was just moist.

The statues, however, were new.

They also, it turns out, were aggressive.

After they were splashed to life by a beam of light from a strange portal on the wall, they attacked. It turns out that same beam of light also reanimates them after they fall. So we quickly turn our attention to the portal. The writing escapes me, but Gurdis and Illikan make out vague instructions in the runes, and a hidden pattern emerges. Quickly tracing the pattern the portal finally shuts off, and what appeared to be a stone wall grows transparent and reveals a tunnel.

We walk to the other side and rest, for fighting four things which reanimate 3 or 4 times each is rather a trying accomplishment. We survey our surroundings for a moment, discovering that we are in fact on the other side of the strange mountain.

We have hints of several seemingly abandoned buildings nearby, we investigate one to see what might inhabit this strange land. Apparently they have nasty critters here too, and they come in extra large and even bigger. They’re sneaky too, apparently throwing a veil over my divine oracle talents and preventing me from sensing them where normally none can sneak up on me.

The extra large critters jump down from above, corraling us near these pitch-stained pillars, which the bigger guy likes to set on fire. Once burning they emit a dense acrid smoke which instantly fills your lungs with pain. Do not want.

We have to split our attention, Andacanaver busying the giant while the rest of us do our best to reduce the minion throng (ok, not minions and there were only four of them, but there were only three of us with Andacanaver busy).

Eventually we are just facing the giant, but we’re battered, bruised, and not nearly as fresh as when we woke up in the mountain this morning. The giant is still trouble. We have to help him maneuver into a corner, and then try to stay there to keep him from moving about. Meanwhile he is doing some kind of trick with his mind and throwing us all over the place. Especially into the smoke from those Kord damned pillars.

Now we must find what he was guarding… it must be important.


biliruben MrIce

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