The Family

Kutok's Journal

We head back into the well of demons to retrieve the items (book, mask, knife, bell) and we find them. This time the blood room that guards the knife is easier—we should have tried flying the first time.

The bell attaches itself soundly to Bulwark’s hand when he picks it up. The room is full of skeletons, so it’s a bit of a mess. The columns in the room are alternating between spitting out new skeletons and radiating some kind of noise that’s really fearsome to hear.

Dayze is a little dayzed, I think she’s been drinking. She runs around a corner into a room with the book on an altar. Instead of the book she grabs…. a candle? Weirdest druid ever. She runs back out and to another door and before we can stop her she’s associating with some gnoll—fortunately the gnoll isn’t her type or else we’d be reliving the sow incident from yesterday. Either that or Dayze is tired of humping as a boar. Naw.

The gnoll keeps her busy, so Bulwark goes in to grab the book only to find the room isn’t actually empty—a stone golem chases after him as he retreats with the book. At this point everyone (except Dayze) is talking about leaving but we’re engaged with a gnoll and a golem, so I don’t think that’s wise. Illikan takes over for Dayze on the gnoll, meanwhile Bulwark and Dayze go after the golem. We get both down eventuall, but bulwark is upset about not retreating when he called retreat, the big baby.

We now have all four items, and we go to place them on the runes. Illikan coordinates from the corridor with the brown stain on it. We open several doors to make him easier to hear from all the four corners. When he calls out 1… 2… 3… we drop the items onto our respective circles and ….

nothing happens

at least not immediately. I run out into the corridor just in time to see a big spikey ball of energy roll by. I hear struggles from the direction Bulwark should be and it sounds as though Gurdis is taking a bath and not liking it very much. The ball of ick is impervious to my attacks, but as it rolls past my comrades it seems that it’s just pushing them around a bit. The bigger danger seems to be the traps in Gurdis and Bulwark’s room (I can see them now, some skeleton arms on the ground near me are reaching out).

Following a cold growl from the pit comes a black dragon, straight at Illikan..

Dayze and I rejoin the rest and pelt at the dragon, trying to stay away from the ball of fuzz. The dragon engages, but eventually flies up to make Illikan switch weapons and Bulwark switch tactics. We chase the dragon some more, trying to avoid the ball but when he’s out of sight and reach of Dayze and me Dayze runs around the corner.

I hear a few thwacks and her groan as she collapses. I race around the corner to find the dragon in the hallway, the ball racing at me in the distance, and Dayze, in a side room, full of crossbow bolts. I throw a heal her way but she’s too exhausted, too spent, too… yep… more crossbow bolts and I can tell even from here she’s dead.

I’m stunned there as the ball rolls right over me, but around that time the dragon falls and the ball disappears. The traps seem to subside in the other rooms, the splashing from Gurdis’, the bones in Bulwark’s, and the unseen until now crossbow turrets in the ceiling of Dayze’s room (I wonder what would have been in store for me had I stayed in my room?).

A stone door, previously locked, opens for us as the dragon is defeated. We take Dayze’s body back to town to see what we can salvage, but we will be back.


biliruben MrIce

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