The Family

Kutok's Journal

After resting in Winterhaven for a few days while we re-equipped Vimak and Brand were suddenly recalled to other family business. We had to wait another day for the family to find replacements. The replacements are a lot … shorter than their originals.

Oddly, Brand’s replacement is a halfling who is very quick on his feet. Vimak’s replacement is a dwarf who is very sturdy on his feet. Our average height went down a few feet with that exchange.

We travelled to the North, finding the vail road through the Kell Vail and finally the minotaur gate. As we entered the minotaur’s domain we discovered that there were vermin crawling everywhere. Some of them were accosting a halfling at full volume. The hobgoblins and orcs were quickly dispatched with our halfling friend Merroc dancing nimbly amongst them, leaving a bloody trail.

The halfling, known as Rendel Halfmoon, was a denizen of our destination, and the proprietor of an inn. Since we were travelling that way and would soon be in need of an inn, we quickly negotiated rooms and ale for his life.

Rendel also knows of our contact—Gendar the drow and collector of curiousities and relics. Rendel also warned us of Brug, the ogre who runs he customs house. The custom’s house of the Hall of Seven Pillars (more of a city than a mere “hall”) is where we learned that Brug expects a 5% fee on all adventuring “goods” discovered in the labyrinth. Dreskin runs the general goods store and was able to help us resupply some of our depleted rations.

Brug also let us in that Paldimar was once one of his mages, but who hasn’t checked in for a while. The brute suggested we could, if we found him, bring him back to talk to Brug who would likely be convincing Paldimar not to work for the other side.

The Mages of Sauroon are the governors of the Hall of Seven Pillars, they run a tight ship. However they have some trouble on their doorstep in the form of the hobgoblins which claim to be of a clan called the Blood Reavers who have residence in a nearby chamber (the chamber of eyes, past the dragon door). The hobgoblins, among other unsavory things, traffic in slaves.

Duergar and the Horned Hold stole a trinket from our contact (Gendar), there’s a reward if we find and return his Bone Scepter from the Bone Chamber. Duergar are seen frequently on the Road of Shadows, which is just south of the Hall of Seven Pillars.

We set out, encountering a dead end at a large lake where we had to turn back lest we get our feet (and everything else) wet. We’ll have to come back with boats.

A necromancer was bringing out some zombies at one point, but Kord’s light made quick work of them.

Next we found our way blocked by a guarded station, Merroc popped the lock while we poked the orcs manning the station through the bars. Eventually we were able to roust the orcs completely, and the door they guarded now stands before us.


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