The Family

Journal The Seconde

Ach, So we managed to off the nasty Duergar and Greenskins, and recovered a pair o’ fine gauntlets of Dwarven make, along with the Bone Scepter we’d been sent to retrieve. We loaded up our new humans with cheese and headed back to the village. We sold off the goods and turned in the scepter, where we met this crazy dragon lady. SHe had some good ideas about Duergar, although she was a bit soft, and then some strange ideas about hatin’ Drow! If thear’s one thing I cannae tolerate, its people that are nae understandin’ of other people’s cultures. And Duergar. I hate them so.

SO after paid the tax, we celebrated and rested the night, perhaps a bit too much as we could nae locate our Holy man, Gurdis, and the mysterious Dayze. Personally, I think Gurdis may have gotten some of that giant beaver he was droolin’ over…HA!

So, figurin’ we dinnae need their help anyway, we set off to finish clearin’ out the fortress. I looks like someone’s been here and setup some barricades, but that didn’t slow us down much. The walkin’ and writin’ was actually sorta soothin’, until we got to this blasted bridge with the sturdiest wooden door I’ve ever seen! We chopped and bashed at it for ages, while these somethin’s was shootin’ at us, and finally we got it open. Very strangely, Merrigc was busy holdin’ off 4 or 5 of the foulest Duergar imaginable. I had to save my charge, o’ course, so I charged right into the thick of it, where they proceeded to kick my arse sideways. It’s been kinda hard to write during tha fightin’, they keep choppin’ at me and tossin me here and thar. This big one, especially, with his evil Duergar magicks, I wanted to chop him, but we’re in bad need of a retreat. But I see ma friends, they’ve made it, now I only got to get away from Rotty and Sneezy and Doc here and I’ll be home fr….urk


biliruben Jon1one

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