The Family

Ilikan's Journal (2/24/2010)

As we get our bearings and search the remains I see what the primal warned; a dead druid. I was just getting to like that druid. The door that was previously locked had opened to show a foggy room. We push through the room and find a whole set of bad guys…
Battle assessment: 4 demons, large undead minotaur, another rockfist construct, and a gnoll with wings and a tail. There are also two non-combatants that need saving. Bulwark shields our front, I provide support by blocking the rockfist and helping to cut down the flanks on bulwark. Battle bogs down for me, no place to charge w/o exposing the fleshies.

Whoa! Where did that come from. Somebody snuck in a new fleshy! This one seems to be helpful, and isn’t purple. But she isn’t part of the Family… She is helpful now so treat her as the other fleshies for this battle, worry about affiliations later.

The new fleshy has thrown my sword play off. Takes me awhile to get some good swings in. The gnoll-bat is killing his hostages – bet nothin’ good is comin’ from that. He keeps givin’ me some kind of cursed eye that makes chargin’ him difficult, but while I’m stuck here it really ain’t important.

The new fleshy has a friend among the captives. As she gets between him and the gnoll-bat it finishes its spell and kills him. A little later the kettles start boiling over and tentacles come out to play. There’s a new minotaur to fight as well. They don’t turn out to be too much for us though the tentacles try to drag the new fleshy into the pots. I’ll just keep outta range of them thingies. The minotaur keeps backing up to charge, just makin’ him easier to kill.

Looks like a good battle, maybe the new fleshy, her name is Sugar, can be of use. She was here. There is an idol of baphomet here in the room. We swipe it and Kutok’s new buddies come in useful to unload the merchandise. Think I’m gonna by me a new chargin’ hat!

Next day we follow the map we got off the gnoll-bat. Kutok has a key that kinda jumps into its keyhole. If they can make a key that finds its own hole, why can’t they make a key that fins me when I can’t find it? Anyway, very spooky lookin’ guy behind the door. Except that all he wants to do is talk, which is really boring. It definitely ruins the spooky. Everybody talks back, it lets us through, though it makes me a little queasy. On the other side is some action…
Battle assessment: puny lookin’ ‘oids. They are backed up by the pillars in this place. What the hell is it with the pillars in this joint?

Focus, idiot

Charge! Like the new charging hat. I hear from that drow guy in 7 pillars that there is a charging weapon too. Gonna get me one of those next.

I said focus!

Right. The little orc thingies die pretty easy, but the pillars hurt if you get next to them. It appears that there are three more of the orc thingies in one of the rooms off the main one. They go down easy as well. But they’ve opened another teleporter. Lots of orc thingies incoming! These are even easier to kill than the first ones though. As we finish them off we get to the other room off the main hall. It has mages in it. They were controlling the pillars, so down they go.

To be continued…


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