The Family

Andacanavar's Journal #6

Is that all you've got??

With barely a moment to rest another enemy patrol showed up. Several trolls and one-eyes. It sucked, we had to dig down deep but finally they fell. The acid potions that Kutok had given me came in real handy!

We hadn’t really finished with them when the next wave started beneath our feet. I guess the manticore rider earlier had “spread his seed” around. It sprouted. Nuts, ugly half plant critters sprouted up all over. They were able to teleport around, moving thru their vines was a real pain in the ass. In the end it was more annoying than deadly. We were able to catch our breath and regain some strength for the next assault.

Around the corner came the big wizard troll and his pet cave bear. I got struck dumb and couldn’t proceed for a bit but the monk lept in along with Illikan. I got there soon enough and stood in the middle and weathered the assault as the enemy was cut down.

The battle was won, but at what cost? The city was in shambles. I need a beer. Make that two beers ….


biliruben havoclad

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