The Family

Andacanavar's Journal #5

I'll have plenty of time to rest when I'm dead

So, we’re trying to get back to town. Came across a small farm shack with a screaming woman inside. Before we could figure out what was going on a bunch of worgs and a troll showed up across the burning fields.

I picked a good spot with the building to our side and a small fire in front of us. The fields slowed the approach on our other side which more or less forced them all to come straight on at us. One adventuresome worg went around the building only to be pacified by Kutok. The worgs didn’t pose much of a threat, after we waded thru them, the troll wasn’t hard to finish off. He was a heavy bastard and it took a bit to heave him into the fire.

After a short rest we headed back to town. It was easy to see that it was undergoing a pretty large attack, probably from the trolls. As we found out, they had recruited some allies we weren’t aware of. We headed for the main gate to ensure that it’s defense would hold.

The gate was being strafed by a manticore ridden by a trog and several wyverns. It was somewhat troublesome dealing with all the flyers. Mostly I tried to keep Gurdis safe. He repeatedly blasted them until they all came done. The manticore kept spraying us with spikes but they weren’t too damaging. The wyverns had no ranged weapons, so they had to descend to fight us. Illikan, DD and I tried to get them when they came in. It wasn’t great, but we gave as good as we got. That was all the help that Gurdis and Kutok needed.

Unfortunately we can see more enemies approaching, the gate is breached. No time to rest…


biliruben havoclad

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