The Family

Andacanavar's Journal #3

You don't have to kill everything.

Hoo boy, we didn’t get much searching in. We heard noises coming back the way we came. Not good! The monk checked it out, she said that there were twice as many at the entrance to the warrens as before. Ugh.

We had a choice between a smoke room, back the way we came, and unknown door and a passageway to the troll shaman who had already kicked our butt once. And when we peeked in on him, he was talking to a troll overlord!

We took the smoke room and camped out as best we could. About 4 hours later a trog boy came to get some fish from the smoke room. Capturing him, we got an introduction to the trog leader, who agreed to be vaguely friendly with us.

Exploring past the trog lair we found several trolls guarding a few slaves. We took out the trolls and their one eyed friends. That room had no roof and was our way out! Taking that, we made our way back to town and celebrated.

The next day we hiked back to the warrens to find the place largely empty. The trogs were there, but no trolls. Taking this opportunity, we took out the skull pile the troll shaman used as backup. As we were prepared, this was not too difficult. Hopefully, the shaman has no way to replenish his little flaming skull pile.


biliruben havoclad

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