The Family

Andacanavar's Journal #2

We went back out to the Trolls having exchanged the seeker for a monk. At least we won’t have to worry about the seeker engaging unwisely at range anymore!

On the way we were ambushed by some swamp critters and 3 will-o-the-wisps. Damn things were pushing and pulling us all over the place. It was hell to keep in formation, but we prevailed.

Of note, I had assigned the monk to guard our rear. After that encounter she decided that a rear guard was not needed. Ummm…I don’t know what tactical genius she learned from, but that ain’t gonna fly. We really don’t need something chomping on our Invoker, Gurdis without warning. He needs a little range to do his killing, and he does it better than the rest of us. Rather than argue about it, I took rearguard.

So we got back to the entrance to the troll warrens and the monk went screaming off at high speed into the thick of things, thru the door and off to the left. Illikan went after her, but I was much too slow coming up from the rear and watched a large troll seal the door. I heard some screams and a sickening thud. “She’s down!” Illikan hollered. Engaging the troll at the troll, I knocked him aside and pinned him against the river to allow Kutok room to heal the monk. It was rough, but we managed to slaughter them all. Perhaps she said thanks, but I didn’t hear it.

This time we went right, hopped over the river and engaged some trogs. A horribly frustrating battle as I spent most of it with my mind in a fog. I was fighting at half strength at best. Eventually we prevailed and started searching the area. There was a lot to go thru, we probably won’t get all of it before reinforcements arrive.

We need a plan.


biliruben havoclad

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