The Family

Andacanavar's Journal #1

Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!


Big ugly critters, kill them with fire, or acid maybe…I ferget. I don’t really care, I’ll knock ‘em down and Kord will provide someone else to burn ‘em.

With no more plan than that we set off into the troll warrens. There was a big dumb one behind a gate. He wasn’t that dumb though as Kutok and the Seeker couldn’t convince him to open the door. Eventually Illikan and I axed the door a question and got the appropriate answer.

By then, Kutok and the Shaman were trying to go around the gate through the stream. The Seeker made it through but Kutok got stuck humping the hedgerow and came back. Illikan and I made short work of the two big trolls and 3 little guys running around.

There was a maze of twisty passages, all alike, going deeper into the warrens. We picked a direction and went. A bigger troll, a bear and a big skull pile were in the room. The troll looked at us and them ignored us. Kord, but he was an arrogant one. At least we would be able to close without problems. Unfortunately the Seeker saw things differently. She fired away at 20 paces. Illikan and I were outside of Charge range. He got caught by a spell while I engaged the bear. 4 skull fuckers came out of the pile and fireballed the rest of ‘em. They were all hurt and in big trouble. I went back to assist them and we all high tailed it back to down.

Ignominious, but we were still alive to fight another day.


biliruben havoclad

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